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The Brief

Redesign the existing Metrik Space website to better display their capabilities as web developers and show their content in brighter light.
Metrik Space — Freelance
8 Weeks
Design Budget
2 Days
1 Designer (me)
2 Developers
My role
UI/UX Design
Content Strategy
Web development — Kaylem Billett & Ben Goodwin (Metrik Space)

The Problem

As web developers at heart, Metrik’s existing site lacked a distinctive visual language and suffered a lack of impactful content. The presentation of their content did not meet the standards of their development work.


Increase project fees and Metrik’s brand and company value..

Design Process

The double diamond framework and design thinking. Discover, define, develop, and deliver.
Design Thinking & The Double Diamond


Understanding the state of play

As a site redesign, I first had to understand the sate of play. This began with a kick-off meeting and run through of the current site. The client highlighted some problem areas from their perspective.

The old Metrik Space site

Client pain points

Presentation of work

“Our capabilities in web development aren’t presented well enough”

The current site had some clever technologies implemented and required a lot of skill development. However, this wasn't being conveyed through the design and there was a clearly disparity in the quality of development work and the visual presentation of it.

Design best practices

“We aren't sure what needs improving"

With strong backgrounds in programming and development, some guiding design principles hadn't been followed in the build of the existing site, resulting in dissatisfaction with the design.


Identifying areas for improvement

Old site navigation with issues annotated
Navigation and structure issues

Text snippets from old site with issues annotated
Typography issues

Old metrik space sites blog and case studies section showing the same content
Content issues

Prioritising tasks

impact vs. effort matrik with items prioritised in order of lowest to highest priority: navigation, redesign, content.
Impact vs. Effort matrix

Design goals

As well as discussing areas to improve, we also honed in on goals for the redesign. Metrik wanted to strike the balance of being playful and channelling creativity, while demonstrating their passion for emerging technologies and modern development techniques. These principles guided the redesign.

Design goals: creative, modern, and playful
Guiding principles

Tone of voice workshop

With content being the highest priority, we needed to begin producing it right away. To help unify the tone of voice used in copy to best convey the brand, I facilitated a workshop.

We began by brainstorming some key adjectives and strengths we felt we represented the company and then dot voted the key ones, resulting in Metrik’s new tone of voice.

Tone of voice workshop results
Tone of voice workshop results



I used the existing structure of the site and rearranged to a more fitting hierarchy. Metrik also provided guidelines on the required content for launch, helping to inform a new sitemap.

Given the lack of existing content and desire to get the site up and running quickly, my main recommendation was to implement a single-page style layout; with projects, news, and contact sections allowing you to dive deeper into dedicated hubs and interior pages.

sitemap recommendation
Sitemap recommendation


After discussing the proposed sitemap and single page style, next, I presented two navigation solutions to review and discuss.

Due to the more minimal look and feel, and to align with the single-page style, we opted for the burger menu navigation.

two navigation solutions wireframes, burger menu and horizontal
Navigation solution wireframes

UI Design

final UI designs for web, tablet, and mobile

Mini design system

design system components

Design system typography

Design system colours

Test & deliver

Using a Kanban workflow I was closely involved with the development and monitored quality assurance and design review during the build.

Kanban development columns: task, specify, discuss, review ready, done
Kanban development board

Content production

Whilst the build was in progress, I produced content including mock ups, copy, and two news articles.

news articles published on metrik site
Articles written for launch

The solution

Content driven redesign

A content driven redesign that compliments the development work showcased. Analysed a range of solutions weighing up impact vs effort and delivered a single-page style site as an MVP with flexibility to build and expand upon.

Site launch

After completing the build all that was left to do was announce the launch. To drive site traffic and new business, I designed posts and created a 6-week social media schedule across the company's three social media platforms.

social media posts
Social media schedule — Metrik Space on Instagram


The social media schedule increased users and sessions 10x and 8x respectively.

Site traffic during the 6 week launch period


“James’ strategic design decisions, and delivery of designs have truly encapsulated the kind of business that we are striving to be.”

Ben Goodwin, Co-founder/Developer at Metrik Space

Thank you!

Thanks to Metrik for the opportunity to work on this project.

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