Simplifying superannuation in Australia.

iphones displaying the supa app screens

The Brief

Produce a prototype application and branding that demonstrates a financial technology product’s vision and attracts further investment.
Supa — Freelance
6 Weeks
Design Budget
5 Days
1 Designer (me)
2 Stakeholders
My role
UI/UX Design
Market research & copywriting — Sasha Stancliffe Bird & Jack Whelan (product owners)

The Problem

$2.6b in additional fees

40% of Australia’s 15 million superannuation funds members have multiple accounts, collectively costing them $2.6 billion in additional fees each year.

10m duplicate accounts

Compulsory contributions and complexities in the current system have caused an estimated 10 million unnecessary duplicate accounts. A major avoidable issue is people failing to consolidate their accounts.


Problem statements

How might we... prevent users from being charged unnecessary fees? How might we... help users monitor the performance of their super?
Key problem statements using the 'How might we' framing.

Project objective

Can we... provide personalised insights regarding fees and performance?
The project objective.

Quantifiable goals

Obtain funding within 6 months.

Design Process

The double diamond framework and design thinking. Discover, define, develop, and deliver.
Design Thinking & The Double Diamond


The client provided survey data which was obtained through the Google Survey platform. The survey spoke with 1,000 Australians, of which 200 became the refined audience.

1 month survey, 1,000 Australians participated, and 1/5 Interested in superannuation.

How satisfied are you with the level of clear, accessible information you receive on your superannuation.
An example survey question.

Survey demographics

Pain points

The insights gained from the survey questions highlighted pain-points in competitors products and the process of managing their superannuation.

Tracking performance, multiple pain points, and accessible information.

Supporting data

  • 52% were unsatisfied with the level of clear, accessible information they received on their superannuation.
  • 3 in 4 respondents do not know how their super performs
  • 1 in 3 users experience multiple pain-points with their super

User persona and scenarios

To begin to visualise my users I created a representative persona. I also created two scenarios in the job story format to start refining a user journey.

User persona
User persona

user scenarios

Lo-fi sketches

Along with market research, early sketches helped inform the functionality and user flows. The key features outlined were:

  • Sign up
  • Track performance, fund allocation, and insights
  • Manage payments and contributions
  • Compare, consolidate, or transfer funds

lo-fi sketches of product flows
Lo-fi sketches

Wireframe prototype

I designed wireframe screens inline with the project objective and research findings.


  • Map out user journey that concisely demonstrates desired functionality
  • Provide guidance for copywriting
  • Inform visual design


  • Actionable insights
  • Supa score to quickly gauge metrics
  • Risk profile to further customise your experience and insight
  • Rewarding user by ticking off actioned insights

Wireframe prototype screens

Branding process

Supa’s product vision was in the early stages of development and as part of the process we worked on building a visual identity.

Design principles

“Simple without being clinical”

“Bright and playful, yet clear and easy to understand.”

Final logo and colour palette

The Solution

Superannuation simplified

The prototype demonstrates Supa’s vision for simplifying superannuation.  The Supa app aims to empower users to track their super’s performance through personalised insights and management tools.

Final Designs

sign up and personalisation screens
Overview and insights screens
compare and consolidate screens



(...) Good stuff on the demo. It will be very helpful to your pitches and realisation of your product vision. Can’t fault the demo.”

Anthony McNamara, Co-founder at Digital Glue

“James extracted (and improved upon) the idea right out of our heads and made it happen on screen. But more than that, through workshopping ideas based on how customers would be using the app, James provided invaluable insight, and actually helped shape some of the core functionality that we are going to develop.”

Sasha Stancliffe Bird, Founder at Supa

Information architecture

information architecture

Mini design system

Mini design system  components
Mini design system colours
Mini design system typography

Thank you!

Thanks to Supa for the opportunity to work on this project.

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